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He made my day!

September 14, 2007 Leave a comment

I am happy today. It is not the problem be solved. That is because how great to have him MT to be my friend. Whenever I am down or depressed. He is there to put a smile back on my face! We didn’t do much, just spent a few hours together and have had a very relaxing afternoon. We washed dishes, cooked lunch ( just some vegetables, eggplants and baby tomatoes fried with some vinegar and olive oil, and some wheat bread with butter and Vegemite and some wine) . We chatted, I read a book about tarot reading.. very relaxing. Of course a few really BIG BIG hugs, squeezed out the stresses, and I feel less tensed now. Surprisingly, we are reading the same book lately- How To Have A Beautiful Mind by Edward de Bono. I love reading Edward de Bono very much. I told him I am out of job now. He asked me twice to work for him till I find a job! I don’t know yet. He is an artist. He has his business, which help malls/ organizations to plan and do shows. Tomorrow he will have a function at a shopping mall. Well it is really something I don’t know at all. If I should take this offer? But he didn’t talk about wages. If he would pay me? I just don’t know yet. May be he is really serious about it? I don’t know… I hope he is serious and we could talk further. God bless me please. Anyway I have had some good time today and thanks MT xoxo

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