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A New Phase In my LIfe

Started from end of May, a new phase of my life begins…

And I made a very crazy decision last week, I purchased a land in USA. It is miles away from me. But I think it is a good investment and I could just spend my retirment there. I love California, love the weather and water there. Will be years til I pay off the land. But after all the researches and stuff, I believe my decision is right.

It seems like I would get a new offer, new job, with better pay.. I hope it al comes true and real to me.

On the other hand I need to try hard to stay healthy, fighting for a healthy life also. Ifnot I can’t enjoy my life more.

So two main reasons I started this blog.  Cuz I aim to live a better life

1. make more money

2. healthy

3. happy


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