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Sex and the city #2

Remember Carrie had that early fifty years old bf ? she actually gave up her life in New York to be with him. But then she wasn’t happy with her new life. He just want her to be a 24 hrs gf. Needed her to be there whenever he needed her. I did have a bf like that too and we broke up at the end. I can’t live my life just for anyone. And if you want someone to live their life for only you and be your pet. That is selfish!

Last night, someone who claims he loves me a lot. He asked me a question which is if I would give my body to him completely. Then I asked what do you mean completely. He said which he can do and want whatever he want to do. I realized he is completely insane too.  Then I answered, we could do what we wanted. Silient for a while. Then i off to bed.

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