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New job, Old life

I started my new job for a month already. My performance is not as expected I guess.  I have 3 bosses. They all want me to do many things at the same time, which I can’t . Plus, the a wife of one of them, nuts! Driving me crazy! she is mental I can tell. Call many times aday. If I don’t answer, She calls every 10 to 15 mins. She is INSANE! Of course, there are tons of things she has doen to make me crazy.

Looked in the mirror, I saw myself look so much older. Well, I am old. Still got nothing. Single and nothing. Ha. I just like one of the old bitches in sex and the city, but I am not as pretty? Damn my horrible life…

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Life is getting better

Starting from today Oct 1, I am in my new job! almost a double of my old salary, more holiday, few working hours. Thank God! I can tell a bigger smile on my face ever!

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