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What do I want to do?

I have just finished my last day with this job. A bit sad.. but I can get over it quickly I think…

Yesterday I talked to my charming lawyer friend. We attracted to each other very much. We can’t resist to not kissing.

Well we hardly would see each other . But I was flattened that he said that I am one of the ppl he focus on.

He asked me what do I want to do and archive.  It is really a question to me. So I started to think what I want to do after this job. It is late.  But I am always on the last min tho :/


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A day before last day

Well, I taught my replancement again today and she still can’t picking up things. Got me so angry as she could ask some really stupid questions whcih she should be asking. I almost smashed the laptop!!

Before I left the office, I realized that I am very tired of being a handyman there. I have been fixing things more than my proper work.  I should go for sure.. but wish I had more saving tho…

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Dumb than me

I really think teaching my replacement is a ‘killing myself’ task!! I spent another 4 hours with her yesterday, I got internal bleeding I believe. She couldn’t remember a thing I taught her last week , which was over 15 hours. I don’t not consider myself smart, but she is far way dumb than me. Talking to her is like talking to the cow… She doesn’t get you at all. I really think I should havr been paid lot more!!!

About my work, I do really have to find a new job very soon as I don’t have enough money to live onwith the 4 k I got in my wallet now :/

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3 years after

I back to the same step after 3 years.. nothing improved.. am older but not wiser :/

This week is my last week with this job, then I will be unemployed again. I was hoping to get married with someone I really in love with. But he has some family issue and can’t make it to be with me and would rather hope me to find another man. Hear broken story. Once again I was up high, actually was at the highest point, then dropped tot he ground. I actually got my wedding gown already … and my workmates all know I am getting married. But now.. wedding is off.. and jobless and financially so broke. How am I getting up from all these again? I am 3o fucking 5 … and in 5 months.. 36… I want to have my own babies… I am so afraid I may not going to make it. Charlotte in Sex and the City said ” i have been looking since I was 17, where is he, I am exhausted!” You know thats what I do really want to shout out too. It’s damn difficult to find one you love. You finally met one, always something bad follow. How could i get rid of all these curses and rotten luck? I am desperate for sure..  Someone at my age, my life is still blank!!

i have sent the weeding dress to the tailor 2 weeks ago. It is ready to pick up. But I don’t have the courage for that.. , I am afraid I would … How to round up this wedding issue when ppl actually have sent me the gifts… sucks.. Oh God, what should I do now?

You know, I am sure he really loves me. I have no doubt about it at all. But shifts happen, and once again I have to wake up from my sweet dream and backt ot he reality :/

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