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Gonna save the date!!

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

We started to plan for our Big Day!  I proposed a few good days according tot he chinese calendar. And we both liked March 28, 2009 :”>  Once he is back to Canada and check his schudel then he can confirm the date !! Isn’ t it exciting? I am!! I hope this time I could really get married and have a family. This is my dream.

Yesterday I have started my 1st day working in this kindergarten. Most students are from nepal. There was 3 chinese faces int his school, including me.  We went for afield trip at the beach and was a nice day  and very special culture. They have a section for parents to dance and make them feel like home 🙂 very warrm and special really. I had a good day ! Plus hubby called me on phone and what a suprise !!!!



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New Job

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I got a job yesterday !! yeah!! Salary is low. It’s too bad. enough for my rent and living but its far from home.

Anyway, I should be grateful for what I have got so far. I have got a new job and a new man.  I feel sad only that i couldnt spend much time like before chatting with him. I really love him and happy with him. We are planning for our wedding. All I hope is it would be very soon. I can’t wait to become his wife.

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boring boring boring

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment

2 weeks without a job, I have not been doing much, just very enjoying my chat with my new man. He is from Canada, a business man, 32 yrs old and yes years younger than me.  We have a crash and fell in love in our 1st chat. We calls each other hubby and wife already. We actually planning to get married soon. He is arranging himself to come here to propose me and look for places for wedding.  But it will be in next year the soonest.

I just got 8k so far right. How am I gonna to survive? I really need a job very soon. God and all my Genies  in spirit pls help me !!!

To save money and not to spent too much. I stay home most of the time. Luckily I still have my laptop to spend time with.


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Ideal Man

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Guesss what? I am engaged! I was so down last week and log in the chat room. I accepted his chat request and we started chatting.  We quickly connected and 1st chat lasted for 3 hours. We surpised we got so much to talk about and in common. We quickly fall in love and knotted and engaged 🙂

I suddenly feel so happy that I have met this ideal man… responisble and cute:)

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What do I want to do next?

Well first day out of job, I got to serious thinking what do I want to do next. especially I don’t have much money right now.

I still have no motivation to find a job yet. I have no idea what to do now… feeling blue…

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