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Day 1, 2010

It is the 1st day of 2010. I either choose to die or live my life. But I am not brave enough to die yet, so I have to live this life… I told myself to try to make it better and blogging it, is like reminding myself where I am at and heading to..

So day one of the year, I can tell myself that I finally got rid of this stupid online relationship with the biggest cheater from Singapore. And I am not acting like a psycho to check on his online status all the time. He is totally out of my life now. Wasted 2 months, tons of tears… I found out he is cheater… I still do not know what was his intention at all. Well may be phone sex?? Well It is over anyway. Thus, it is a good start for the new year. And I need a job asap then.

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