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Day 2, 2010: You are creative genius

It is the second day 2010. I went the library today and borrowed a few books. Those are self- help books. Well, even though you have tons of friends and family, YOU still the one, the only one to face and deal and solve the problems alone. It is something I forgot. I realized this since I was a kid. But when I grow older, got to know more friends, I totally forgot this slowly. When you fall down, friends and family would help you assist you to stand up again. But you are still the only one decide to stand up again or keep sitting ont he ground and cry.

So I started to read one of the books I got here. It is ‘ What self – made millionaires really think, know and do’.  I am not wishing to be come one. But the authors encouraged me to be positive and creative, set the goals and achieve them. So far I am feeling great from reading it. One thing I learned and started to make myself to believe is ” I am creative genius”  :”>

Next morning, I will start to set my goal and look for new job again. Lunch time I will go for yoga, dinner with Dave.

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