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Day 3, 2010: Making a decision is better than no decision

I cleaned my place  today, cancelled the yoga class as not feeling too well… Dave called cancelled the dinner …

I read a bit more today. Learned how we should solve problems: information-> decision->action-> results. Making a decision is better than no decision and always look for results. Sounds so what men like operate. But the writers are men anyway. Always  better to get things done than moaning the problems.

Today, I received emails from Shan. I met him o Facebook 9 months ago. I felt in him but then we didn’t talk at all. And that was how we didn’t continue. And we had big fight on msn, I said to him he fool me etc. In fact, I never know when and which bit of his conversation is true. He said he visited HK last month, did a few gigs, sold heaps of cds. He went to my old work place to look for me.. tried to find where i live… but failed.. He said he really wanted to see me.. etc etc. But I don’t know should I believe him or not again.

So what have I done today to improve my life?

I am going to ask myself the same question everynight. I need to keep moving on and make it better! And I blog about it. Even though I haven’t done much today again. But at least I aware it at the end of my day and tell myself to do more tomorrow. 

Ok. Still got to be positive. Here are something I have done today and I think are soemthing improving:

1. I have cleaned my room. And I feel nice and enjoy being here and reading book happily.

2. I am reading the book which helping and encouraging myself to be more, have more and do more. A very informative book I am reading.

3. I am blogging in a possitive way than before. It helps me to be possitive by the way.

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