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Day 6, 2010: Thoughts are energy

Today I keep reading my book. I have learned that thoughts are energy. Thoughts are the start of making things happen. successful people think about what they want. Unsuccessful people think about what they don’t want. Richard and Barrie are really changing my life. Reading their book, my mind started changing. I started to think in positive way and things are possible when I believe it is. I feel happier.

This is the bit I like very much from their book today

Everything Happens For A Reason

In a mental world thoughts are causes,

conditions are effects.

Your thoughts are your future.

What I have done today to improve my life?

1. I updated my resumé. I spent time to think and write how good I am. Kind of selling myself. But it is actually about how I present myself to the employers right.

2. I looked up jobs. I have found a few I would apply. And I have worked on my resumes and be ready to apply tomorrow.

3. I have a few goals to reach in 3 years. 

* Start to study my Master degree and be a school principal

* Be a mother of 2 children ( supposed I will be happily married)

* Be living in a bigger place happily with husband and children wherever I would be

* Having at least 300K  HKD saving in my account

 Well I am still so much behind and not taking much action as possible. I need to do more!

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