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Day 7, 2010: Stay positive and believe ‘I am’

What  have I done today to improve my life?

I haven’t done much today. So sorry to myself. I woke up and read an email from Dave. He seems being a bit mean to me this week. I don’t know why.. Could it be I am being too sensitive or I am the mean one actually? I hope this hard feeling between us, can be get over very soon. He is my dearest friend of mine indeed.

I think the book I am reading now quickly become my surviving ‘ Bible’ . Today I learned to believe ‘ I am’ .  It is a self- concept belief. Believe what ‘you are’ and you become and change to what you believe in. 

Avoid ‘ I wish’ and I will try’. These are negative thoughts and sayings. As when you say ‘ I will try to be on time’. You actually thinking and believe you will be late. So always think and believe ‘ I am’ is very important to make change of my life. 

I have read quite a lot of the book today and still trying to digest. But I keep getting positive thoughts and very motivated. Oh another thing I learned is don’t waste time on watching tv or hang around at the pubs with friends for too many hours. always make use of our time, try to learn more and make use of the time. but not waste it.

I am applying some teaching jobs. Even some are pretty far. But I am willing to relocate  myself, stay close to work save time and work on my goals.

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