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Day 8, 2010: Stay positive and focus on my goals

What have I done today to improve my life?

I spent most of my day looking for jobs. Not sure what happened, there are not many positions for me to apply. And I be honest to myself that I am so nothing and undesired in the market.  So I need to upgrade myself. I need to search for a job and do my degree study. It is gonna to be difficult. But I need this for better future. Or in few months or years, I would be in the same situation.  I am actually discouraged. But when I read my survival book again. I learned to focus on my goals, then I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm. I did blame myself why so dumb to believe and fell in such online relationship? And quit the job I got… even thought I didn’t like it very much. But If I wasn’t that stupid I would still have something to do. But I learned my lesson. I have tp pick myself up and move on and believe that I am genius and great and gonna to have a great life with great man who loves me and have great children. Hey Richard and Barries taught me to brain wash myself and believe ‘ I am’ .

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