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Day 11, 2010:Focus focus foucs!!!

OK I got 2  phone calls for interview today. One on Wednesday, but I will push it to Thu or Fri. As I need to print out pics and etc for them. The other one is on Friday. I am telling myself I am going to make it good!

I had a slight fever today. I guess I had too much spicy food or chips. I just hope not falling sick again like last time. Throat is sore for sure.

I have been emailed back and forth with Shan. Today I got his mail he said ‘I really do worry about you and hate not talking to you’. He is so concern. I am touched. But I don’t know for sure how real or if he is fooling again. But in the worst case scenario, I might be ok to move there and try to get a job there also.

What have I done today to improve my life?

1. I looked for job, no found.

2. I continue reading the book.

3. I still making my goals plans and doing a lot of thinking.

I am feeling a bit blue but whenever I feel that, I read the book. richard and Barries keep telling me repeatedly that I have to be positive and focus on my goals and complete them. Stay focus and work it out. I have to get there and live better life.  I wonder how is yours going?

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