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Day 9 & 10, 2010: Apply and do it

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do- Goethe

Sorry, I didn’t write yesterday. So I am doing both days tonight.

What have I done to improve my life these 2 days?

1. I went for hot yoga today. My 1st time and it was ok. I didn’t feel very well int he middle… but I managed to finish the lesson. Feel good after sweaty class. I want to will lose some weights.

2. I am making my one, three, five and ten yrs goals.  I am after the book suggestion and doing the plan. I will share once I get it done.

3. I talked to Dave about my plan. How I need and want to get my degrees done and secure my job in following 20 years. I told him what if and very likely I would have a rich husband to take care of me.  Well it is a bit negative but it could be true. And I will still need it to back up myself

I sold the reborn baby on ebay.  And this F*king buyer being very unreasonable. Saying its not the way a reborn baby made.. dadada. She/ he just making excuses to get money and keep the baby. I hate this sort of cheap people really. Don’t spend money if you can’t afford. F*cuk u.

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