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Day 12, 2010: List 3 jobs to do a day to make your life difference

I can’t believe it is 12th of the month already. I am still unemployed. I need to get a job by the end of the month. If not I will be in financial crisis soon.  It is stressful and necessary!

Today I turned my room upside down, tried to find the brilliant lesson plans I wrote ages ago. I wanted to modify it and make myself a nice presentation for job interview. But I am afraid it is gone missing. I feel really bad about it.

Then I met my friend for lunch and went for yoga. Right now, I am feeling quite tired. Well, I can almost fall asleep right sitting here writing my blog. I hope I am not getting sick again. I really hate to be sick at the moment. As I have so much ahead and I need my energy to go for interview and on my job hunt.

I have finished half of this book today. I learned how to set goals and how to achieve them. Many great suggestions in this book. All very useful and encouraging. It is really a book you always want to have around.

So what have I done today to improve my life?

Richard and Barries suggested to be a list maker. Everyday, list 3 jobs to day each day to make a difference.

1. I made up my mind to make a self presentation. On going…

2. I made my very 1st 3 jobs list for tomorrow.

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