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Day 13,14,15,16, 2010: Blank

Where were I all these days? I had been depress and lost at some point. 

Anyway, I had an interview on Friday on the island. It is a new established school, owned by English couples. The interview went good. And I really love this job. But she told me they are struggling to hire a native English-speaking teacher or a non native but also one as their students are most Caucasians. But I would try all my best if I would have a chance… and also see the needs of improving my English skills.

So this interivew was the only thing I did these few days to help to improve my life.  Shame. Sometimes I just need some supports. At the moment, Richard and Barrie are the only people to strengthen myself to move forward. But They also talk about reciprocity. We all tend to reciprocate when somebody help us. They said we should establish a habbit to be a go-giver, to help people, to enrich the lives of others. Then other people will want to receiprocate by rewarding you.

I have done my 10 years plans this morning. I got goalssssssss to reach. I shouldn’t waste any more time as I don’t got much time, am such old maid in my mid 30’s. Hey Richard and Barrie say live like your last day everyday, which means I have to do my best, try my best with my full force everyday.

I have decided to get my few qualifications in few years time. But I have no ideas of how to resolve my financial issues.  I will write again later tonight for my Day 17.   See you later

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