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Day 18. 2010: 1000 Days Project

Today I have planned to make my project deadline in 1000 days. I want to gain my degree and other qualifications to secure a decent job in 3 years.  I have no idea how am I gonna get it done. But I am trying to get there.

I will have an interview on Wednesday. I am nervous. And I realized I don’t have proper clothes for interview. I think I take the advice from Richard and Barrie, DRESS FOR SUCCESS! I need to get one top tomorrow for interviews.

I have cleaned up my room today, threw away old and unwanted things. cleared the desk, looking neat and tidy , well just that table.  I wanted to apply 3 jobs a day. But not really always have 3 jobs I want o apply everyday when i search around, struggling if I should just apply for anything or stay on my rooted field?  Anyway I ordered ‘Waht self-made Millionaires really think, know and do’ on ebay. I want this book always with me in this  1000 days  projects.

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