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Day 21, 2010: You are the winner!

I got a phone call at lunch time. It is the school which I didn’t go for interview as I was so scared. But they called about today and I am going to give it ago. I am a person get upset or discouraged very easily with just a mean face or mean talking. I should be grateful as they given me one more chance. Even though it is pretty far up on the hill and I have no idea how could I made myself to work there… transportation costs fortune and up hill, mid hill… areas around that hill… all very expensive. But I will still give it a go.

I chatted with a friend today. I asked him to wish me luck for tomorrow interview. He answered ‘ You don’t need luck.’ I asked why. Then he said’ You are the winner!’ Of course I said ‘ I am not’ as usual. He said just think you are! Hey isn’t it what Richard and Barrie always talking about? Be positive and think ‘ I am’ . Thanks for my friend reminded me that.

Not many vacancies in the market at the moment. I haven’t applied any job today. And I haven’t found out my bank balance yet. The ATM I always use for this purpose is under maintainance. Why this one? As it has small screen and kind of hidden, others around wouldn’t see my balance easily…. searching for another atm to do it… It is weekend again…

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