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Day24, 2010: So Blank…

I am so stressed. I doubt I have the money for rent, which due on 5th next month. Well, I haven’t checked my bank balance yet. But very unlikely I would have it. At the same time, I seem hopeless to be able to get a job in that field again. What should I do? I feel like my life, the last 35 years resulted as a blank paper now. My qualification is blank; my bank account is blank; my mind is blank; my wallet is empty and what else.. probably everything..

But I still on this project, I still trying to survive. I am looking for ways to survive. I am now thinking my 20 survival ideas now.. so far I jsut can think of 9 ideas yet…Richard and Barrie say  have to be 20 ideas. and last few ones are probably the best oones.. I am still thnking..

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