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Saving from living

I am reading http://www.5dollardinners.com today seeing how people saving money from daily meals. I have searched around. I even found out some family here just spending 3USD for a dinner. I am very impressed. I really need to save up from daily expenses.

Since I have debts to pay back and need to save up money for study. I am planning to just use $50 HKD(7USD) per day including travelling, 3 meals a day.

The Break down will be like : $10HKD for transportation go and back to work, $40 HKD for 3 meals a day. I may need to combine few days $40 to get something which will last for days eg bread family package for breakfast, eggs  etc.

So in total, $50 multiple 31days, that I am allowed to have $1600HKD for daily use.  And $500 for my grocery and stuff.

My new income will be $13210 ( 1693USD) per month. I am planing to use them like the follow

Total Income:  $13210

Rent + insurance, phone etc $5000

Debt Pay back $3000

Saving for school fee $3000

Daily use $2100

Left $110

how does that sound. . . . . . sound tough right but debt will be over like 10 months, and school fee actually could be refund in 1.5 years.. so those money will be like recycle.  got refund and I could pay for next term and then save up more for the next term etc.

Today I just had some bread and cookies from yesterday. And cooking congee with egg for dinner. Didn’t spend a penny yet. Actually I don’t have money lol…

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  1. antonio
    February 18, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Dude, Nothing is impossible….U can do it……just believe in it…….

    If u believe in god, just close your eyes and pray to him, he will help, definaately….

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