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Day49, 2010: Getting ready to work again

I remember during many interviews, principals asked me question like ‘ You have been away from this field for sometimes, do you know anything about what is going on lately especially these few years?’ I have to admit that I am so outdated. Of course not in front of them.

So today I have spent sometimes to catch up a bit. I talked to my old teachers workmates and researched what newest trendy teaching approaches, gone through those information. I can say I am quite ready for my new work and school life again.

One thing I keep blaming myself, which is why did I leave the field. Which was SO WRONG thing to do!!! I hate myself doing those to myself. What a mistake it was. Wasted years and years… and I am like a toddler learning from the bottom now… grrrrrrrrr. But I should be grateful as life didn’t give me up. I got chance to rebuild everything now, just I am old maid and late to do those…

I had take away box lunch, bitter melon fried fish with rice. Dinner, I am making potatoes, tomatoes, onion and beef soup. I dont have a name for this soup… lol You know it is so damn cold here in Hong Kong. Imagine no heater and it is just 8C outside… inside may be 10C, really freezing here..

I searched on Facebook today, found some comments , BAD one about my new job… oh God.. hope I would be ok there.. for the God sake .. and money…. I need to survive in any awful situations… God Bless me…

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