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Selfish examples

I had a long chat with my old friend, a workmate from a school I worked for 6 years. We chatted and chatted about the old principal there. She is old, around 60 plus now. I worked there for 6 years and she is still working there, so far 11 years now. We both know her too well. We were counting all the weakness about her eg, coward, when issues came up, which she should step forward to deal with or settle them. Of course those are included work load issues between teachers. Some didn’t want to work more or refused to do this and that. As a leader in the school, you got to speak out and make things fair to everyone. She is also selfish for sure. She didn’t like teacher over educated than herself. She wouldn’t let you off work andyou couldn’t be able to catch your classes. There are more things to tell but thats it for now. She is the most useless and weak leader I have seen.

Last night I messaged one of my friend from UK. I have been avoiding to chat with as I am feeling he is kind of annoying. Lack of soical skills, self- centered. And I I am not wrong about him again. Here is our conversation last night, short one but enough to upset me…

He: Hey

Me: Hi

He: hows you ?

Me:sick and abit busy

He:what are you busy with ?

Me: work

He:ummm you took some kids home to look after ?

Me:i need to plan for lessonsssss and do reports etc . not jsut look after kids. i m not nanny

He:woah easy tiger

Me:i dont like ppl look down pre school teachers really … many ppl think they just look after kids which is so wrong

He:sorry sifu.

He:I’m sick and not very busy


Me: try oreo strawberry flav, yum

He:i feel bad now

I didn’t want to reply him anymore. The thing he always talking about is how bored he is at work and bored bored… In fact he has a very great job making $300 USD per hour… Imagine how piss off when an unemployed person listening it everyday? And he just whelming everyday about his life and work.  From above conversation, you may not get an idea how angry I was to him. The nanny bit, he offered me to be his son nanny in UK and paying me just 641. USD per month. Shit enough. And he thought I did really want to be a nanny. Huh! Hello.. it is not just nanny but his maid too.. and he always want to fuck me… hello… such a cheap guy!! One time he even said to me that he had already found someone to be nanny, I was late! I said I never have an interest to be a nanny. He said.. ohhh ok…  I don’t want to chat with him anymore indeed. Such an idiot.

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