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Psychic? What do you think about it? Are you into it? Have you tried to get some readings done by medium? Any spooky experience to share?

I was very much into psychic personally. But now… not so crazy as before. Back to old days, I keep trying new mediums to read for me. I always wondered were going to happen to me. For example, who am I gonna married with? How many children? What does my soul mate look like? What is his name? Where is he from? When will we meet? Hows my career path like? How things lay ahead? I had millions questions to them. But even the same questions, I got different answers by different mediums. Isn’t it funny? I was told to have a asian husband and a Canadian white husband. I was told I would have 2 daughters, the other one said just one, and one said I would have a boy and girl :/

But lately, since I started reading Barry and Richard’s book, my mind has changed. So far, I am turning 36 soon, I still have no potential guys around… I started to think and try to live this life on my own. I am really trying believe me. I almost made up my mind and prepare to be single rest of my life. Hopefully not to have long life I wish. I don’t want to be alone like now all the time… for another 36 years…
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