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Day52, 2010: Good friend saved me

Some one told me when we get older, we tend to make fewer friends. It is to me . How about you? I became very careful to whom to friend with. Sometimes I pick from their appearance, attitude, races, background, personality etc… etc… And then there are different levels of friends. Closest friend, close friend, good friend, clubbing friend, workout buddy… family friend…And I have to make sure I talk the right issues tot he right one. Isn’t it complicated?  But you know what I like to stay home than seeing friends… But there is a friend I got to see from time to time. He helps me a lot. He is a dear to me. 9 years friendship, a friend who walk through the darkness days with me. I want to thank him very much.

Yesterday, I actually so desperate. I am foreseeing my bank account. I am so sure I don’t have the money for March. I was panic. I thought oh my God, what should I do?Should I kill myself as he can’t afford to lend me more money. I even searched ‘ the best way to kill myself’ I couldn’t find the best way. So I am still here today. And he called and he said he tried to sort out the money thing to help me. But I will have to wait till March 6th. I see some bright light in the dark. Although, I don’t know what to do with this 2 weeks, I remember What Richard and Barry said in the book- NEVER GIVE UP !!’ . We fail as we give up. Mistakes helps us to success.

So we came out with an arrangement with him of how much I will have to pay him back every month, which is ok.

To save money, these 2 days I didn’t go out to buy food. I have had some noodles and cooked congee with eggs and seaweed again. I have planned in next few months til Sept, I will live on $2000 budget for food and transportation per month. But I aim to just use $40 per day. Try to split some for saving and contribute tiny bit for my travel fun. Come one let me still dream to travel one day again.

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