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Day 55, 2010: Made up my mind to work for School B

I have made up my mind of working for School B now. I said thanks for other offers yesterday. And I am expecting a pay check of $2750 coming through as soon as possible. As I need the money to buy one blank excercise pants and a dress for my new job starting Monday. It was a tough decision as I don’t want to put myself into terrible life again 1. not making enough money 2. with terrible bosses or workmates 3. have to do or deal any thing out of my job duty.

My last job, I had to deal with or the bosses kept bothering me with their personal issues which were terrible and so drama. Hated to pretend ‘ I don’t know you are lying to my face or acting up’ . Oh once the boss’s wife asked me to get her husband MSN password as she suspect he was having affairs.  Have you worked in any situation like mine?

It is so humid in Hong Kong. My tiny bathroom is molded grrrrrrrrrr…. this kind of weather just make me so uncomfortable and sticky… but we still have a month to deal with it tho.

I have set this ‘ NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!’  as my screen picture, to remind myself not to give up. Well tough years ahead, let’s see how to tackle all the problems one by one. Thanks for reading me!!

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