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Day 59: Getting ready for my new job!!

I had a budget target shopping today. My budget was using $150 ( 25USD) to buy a dress/ skirt and a black sport long pants for work. Also I needed to get a lunch box and food to cook for lunch.

I thought it would be tough to use such small budget to get cloths I wanted. But turned out, it wasn’t. When I walked down the market, where is a tourist spot also. I shopped from shop to shop. The more shops I visited; I got more exciting. At first I found one $39.9 black dress. It is cheap and office looking… I almost bought it.  But I didn’t as I told myself I needed something more causal and nicer… Kept shopping then.. few more shops, I found this mustard color skirt, just $20 ( 2.7USD) I loved it… wondered for long time would it fit me…even thought I wasn’t sure, I bought it.

Another shop, I found the another skirt, fit me perfectly, costed a bit 11USD. But I will wear it to work on my first day. And the sport pants just cost 5USD.

Then off to supermarket, I had been thinking what should I prepare for lunch. I think I will cook vegetables more on weekdays lunch. As it is healthier and vegetables can stay without fridge for few days.

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