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Day 65: When saying NEVER GIVE UP, what does it mean?…

Finished my first week of this new job, wasn’t easy at all!! I am exhausted!! This morning, there were coaches came down to teach us children kickboxing and aerobic… It was fun but I felt like passing out…

Anyway one bad things to confess. I missed 2 deadlines of applying my study. I actually didn’t know one of the university which has this course I wanted to do … and the other one.. I missed it as I didn’t have enough money to pay for the enrollment fee. I DIDN’T TRY HARD ENOUGH TO GET IT DONE I ADMIT IT. When saying ‘ never give up’ what does it mean to you? I think it supposed to be meant ‘ no matter what, never give up!’  Right now I regret and blame myself not to try harder sigh. If I did find out the Chinese University has the course I wanted and I apply it on time. I could have made myself earned the degree within my project deadline. Anyway. I will call up on Monday and see If I still could apply.

Today, I need to go get a few things for my work… I need to stock up some can food and vegetable to bring for lunch everyday.  Hope you have a great weekend there. My body is still  stiff from yesterday.

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