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Not managing myself well…

I had finally sent out application to IED event he deadline passed and today I sent out the other application… right on deadline. I questioned myself, why my self management so poor. I am not managing my life and stuff well. I am not looking after myself well at all. My room is messy, I missed deadline, I got cheated by men, I getting too old and still alone… I need to manage myself better for sure. One of my weakness I know of is I always wait till LAST SECOND to do things. I know couple of friends are like that too… at some points I did feel quite ok with that as I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. But it is such wrong thing to do and follow really.

I start to put my schedule on my mobile. So I am on track of things… my memory is getting worst … I can’t remember things well now… damn it. .. Tell You What, sometimes I don’t remember things I supposed to do. For example, I wanted to get water, when I walked in the kitchen, I forgot what I supposed to get .. Does it happpen to you sometimes too?

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