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Won a bottle of red last night

The whole month, I have been eating can food for lunch, which get me into worries as very high sodium in preserved food and those would make my blood pressure high and more serious issue could come alone. I once had a high cholesterol. I need to really look after myself as this stage of my life. I need to cut down o just have it 32 times a week. But what should I eat for lunch? giving the challenge of I DON’T HAVE A FRIDGE!!! That has to be something I could prepare quickly in the morning. Sometimes when I look into my life and the room I live. I feel pity to myself. I started to ask myself … why a 36 years old woman living in such small apartment without TV and a fridge? I bet everyone who had been to my room has the same question. Hence I am here to improve my life better….

Yesterday I taught 2 playgroup… which the babies are 8.5 months to 1.5 years old. I have no idea why parents paying for such groups. As most the the task we setted they coundn’t do. How could a few months baby stay concentrated for 1 hr and 15 mins? But anyway it gave me a chance to earn $500HKD extra. Believe me it was tough work and I really think they paid me not enough.

After dinner, I had dinner with my friend at a quite fancy western restaurant and I got lucky with the draw… I won a bottle of red wine. 😀 Seems good lucks come around me again!!

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