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Counting every penny

Pay day tomorrow, I am so happy about it . Tons of things on my shopping list already. Money is so limited and needs and desires are infinitive… life is hard

Well same as last month, half of m salary will be gone to pay my debt. And I have half left for the month.

But I am going to be really count of every penny in my pocket this month. No waste of a cent is allowed!!!

Good news is I managed to have $20 left from last month yea!!!I didn’t know how did I make it. I just have like $350 for 3 weeks!!! But I honestly I hold up a few payment which to be paid in May.

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Gonna stretch myself into pieces!

Busy busy busy with my work now… so stressed and can’t even catch my breath..  Good news is I am going back to YOGA on Sunday!!! yeah… I need my yoga life.. so relief during and after classes 🙂 Gonna stretch myself into pieces!!!

Saturday, if plan hasn’t changed, we will go to have tacos!!! Lovely!!!! Can you feel how excited I am now?  Really looking forward for the weekend.

Today I got email from the YL school, where I worked for a week and I decided to leave. I was making the right decision when I think back. I was far so under paid. And now they dying to have me back. They said they may pay me more or arrange a better working hours. But I don’t think I would go back anyway. As they really lack of resources and tooo far.  Plus they still owe me money. I and pushing them to pay back. I try to polite and leave myself a back door. JUST IN CASE…

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Are bosses too busy to think twice?

I get more tasks and projects with this new job ..more busy now. I have been working there for 2 months so far. Still doing ok, just my boss is far too annoying and nonsense sometimes. How come most bosses I worked for were nonsense. Wait is it my problems? or once people became a boss… you get more ridiculous and too busy to think twice?

Anyway, hehe pay day on Friday 🙂 MEANS I will be able to pay off $6000 (770USD) debts.  These few months are going to be tough as I have to pay off debt as soon as possible.  BUT I am going to reward myself this Saturday. I asked my friend to go to try the taco truck, which is new taco stand ( small shop) here. Finally!!! Someone open this taco business here at the reasonable price!!! I really miss tacos sooooooooooo much. I had them for 2 weeks  back in 2003 in Mexico. And I have been looking for Mexican food which would taste almost the same here… none.  So I am looking forward to this Saturday!!!!! TACOS I AM COMING!!!!!

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Making changes….

April 24, 2010 2 comments

Changed my profile picture here to a travel blogger. I would like to think I am a traveler as I do really want to travel more… even though at this moment, I might not be able to. But it is something in my blood and I have to make it happens again and again.

Changed my mobile phone monthly plan from $138 ( 20USD) to $88 ( 11USD). Have to save up from this and limit my sms outgoing also. Since texting to different networks cost money.

Changed shopping grocery at local supermarket and fresh market, even a bit more walking. I used to go to the very close, which is a Japanese supermarket. Of course it is a bit more expensive than locals ones. ummm nicer qualities tho… ummm and more new things to shop…

Changed to take mini bus home after work. $2 (0.3 USD) cheaper, 10 mins walking from the stop. But it is ok. I treat it as exercising and save money!!!!

Changed to eat a fruit every evening!! I am not quite a fruit lover. But since I don’t cook often… I don’t have enough fruit or vegetables in my diet. As I am getting olderr rrrrrr rrrr…..I want to try to stay healthy and avoid serious illness… gosh I already always thinking I am 40 now… even still have few years to go… on my mind I am 40 already…. why is that? Hate to get old 😦 who put this thought into my brain?????!!!!

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Dear My Wishing stone

I was given a Wishing stone a while ago, and it allows me to make 3 wishes a month…

my First wish is to have a healthy life. I am sick of getting sick again and again…

my Second wish is to get accepted by IED for my further study.

my Third wish is to have a vacation in Thailand this summer.

May my wishes come true!!!!!

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” Ms Waste Your Time”

April 23, 2010 3 comments

Some People just a waste of time.  For example -” Ms Waste You Time” ..

She likes to let you wait for mins to hours.

She likes to fully use her time. and do more . And let you wait for mins to hours.

She likes to late to work at least mins to hours and  thinks it is alright and not causing any lose for the company.

She has no concept of timing.

She doesn’t care or aware people are waiting or expecting her to show up.

She is totally irresponsible.

She is unreliable.

She is seflish.

She is banned from my life as I have enough and no time to waste anyway.

My friend called me last night at 9.45 said she wanted to come up to have little chat. I said ok even I supposed to be asleep around 10.30.  I waited and waited…. an hour later, she still hadn’t showed up. I wonder what took her so long as she said she just very close by. Then I called to check out… She said she was coming up. Fine. She carried a bag of new clothes. And she said that was why took me so long. At this moment, I really wanted to throw her out. I was waiting for her for an hour and not sleeping… and she went shopping! Wasted my time!!!! This is how she is like. I decided not to spend much time with her as she is ‘ Ms waste your time’.

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