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Got to sync with coworkers

I started working in this new job for a month already. I realized I don’t quite sync with my coworkers. I am not working hard enough tho… this means I don’t take work to home and work after off work hours. Hence I am not quite sync with them. I feel quite tired after all day working with kids and waking so early. I don’t know how am I doing more work after that. Anyway I have to. How is your work like? Do you take work home a nd work til mid night?

I just back from Guangzhou. Had have spent 3 days there. I realized I don’t quite get a long with my friend. She thinks she is so smart. But I have to say she is so sucks on planning things and etc. Anyway I missed a train and had to spend money on buying ticket again. What a waste.  I don’t think I would go for a trip with her again. We totally from different world and I shouldn’t get too close with her or would ruin the friendship we have now.

I went to book city in China and got a few books I wanted to read. Those are so cheap. The translated version of ‘ Why men marry bitches’  is about 3USD only.  🙂 I need to learn how to get a man to marry me and love me 🙂 Hence I got a few dating books fromt here. I NEED A MAN!!!!!

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