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What was your last adventure in life?

Still not really feeling quite well today :/  tummy still aching for some reason after eating… should have just  had congee or something more blent… but felt like into something taste strong and spicy.. emmm yes I had some spicy meat with vegetable for lunch today…  Isn’t life the same? When life became boring and plain… you want to take adventures or do something spicy? or meet some hotties?…. What was the last adventure you had? How was it?

UMMMM my last adventure was gone to Thailand last June for 2 weeks.  We drove up to the hill top of Samui, which was quiet and not sure if we would be killed or kidnaped. And I swam in the sea… emmm actually beach everyday. These probably not anything to you… hmm now I don’t think they were adventure enough too..

I have found my task listing with outlook doing pretty good. I now feel the stress of getting things done QUICK!!!! Well it could be why my stomach not feeling ok today.

BTW, I have modified my goals setting on the side bar on right. I deleted the motessorri study, as it is nto important now. And I mini the emergency fund saving to $1000 now. Because I have to pay back 6k for debt per month.  Rest of those I still want to make it. YES including be married and pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Even I am not sure how now

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