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Time and money

Totally not enough sleep and a hard day at work. They arrange me to take over the most naughty nursery class in the morning, which their teacher who is leaving next month, didn’t train them properly, rule less … kids punching each other, slap on others faces… push and pull.. can you believe? 3 yrs old little monsters.. so muh work on this really. I had to fill in this class today… hence I am exhausted now.

The other day I was thinking about time and money. one of my workmate, she would rather walk 45 mins to save up $4hkd, which is about 0.5USD. At some points, money can buy you times or times can save you some money. eg, you could take a taxi if you were getting late. But wha if I don’t have the time and the money…. ?? is it so desperate?

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