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Unexpected……….. gosh

Two unexpected things  happened today…which drove me crazy

Flow arrived suddenly…. gosh… I didn’t prepare enough for the day

My supervisor told me go with them to attending a breathing meeting…

scary… scary scary… I would be embarrassed if I didn’t have enough money to travel with them. ( Thank God I JUST have enough) I didn’t bring much money to work… in fact I don’t have much… and I didn’t have enough pads for the flow… and I have to travel far…… gosh…

I hate to have to be in such situations, which I totoally can’t control and hate to ask for help…

I have very small amount  left for 10 more days til I get paid. I have no idea how to pas my days with this very little money in my wallet for 10 days. But I will try my best. And next month will do my budgeting much much better.

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