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Are bosses too busy to think twice?

I get more tasks and projects with this new job ..more busy now. I have been working there for 2 months so far. Still doing ok, just my boss is far too annoying and nonsense sometimes. How come most bosses I worked for were nonsense. Wait is it my problems? or once people became a boss… you get more ridiculous and too busy to think twice?

Anyway, hehe pay day on Friday 🙂 MEANS I will be able to pay off $6000 (770USD) debts.  These few months are going to be tough as I have to pay off debt as soon as possible.  BUT I am going to reward myself this Saturday. I asked my friend to go to try the taco truck, which is new taco stand ( small shop) here. Finally!!! Someone open this taco business here at the reasonable price!!! I really miss tacos sooooooooooo much. I had them for 2 weeks  back in 2003 in Mexico. And I have been looking for Mexican food which would taste almost the same here… none.  So I am looking forward to this Saturday!!!!! TACOS I AM COMING!!!!!

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