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Gonna stretch myself into pieces!

Busy busy busy with my work now… so stressed and can’t even catch my breath..  Good news is I am going back to YOGA on Sunday!!! yeah… I need my yoga life.. so relief during and after classes 🙂 Gonna stretch myself into pieces!!!

Saturday, if plan hasn’t changed, we will go to have tacos!!! Lovely!!!! Can you feel how excited I am now?  Really looking forward for the weekend.

Today I got email from the YL school, where I worked for a week and I decided to leave. I was making the right decision when I think back. I was far so under paid. And now they dying to have me back. They said they may pay me more or arrange a better working hours. But I don’t think I would go back anyway. As they really lack of resources and tooo far.  Plus they still owe me money. I and pushing them to pay back. I try to polite and leave myself a back door. JUST IN CASE…

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