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Got accepted

I got accepted from the uni and I will start my study in October.  Yay! But I need to figure out how do I get the money for school fee. I am planning to delay one month debt payoff to my friend. But I need to discuss with him first . Hopefully it would be ok. If not I may need a Plan B.

Anyway, It is a good news as Seem like my 1000 days project on track now.

Another thing worry is… I am getting older… I need to find myself a lifetime partner and have baby soon very soon… having my child is really something I want in this life… Once I started study, plus work… where to have time for this ‘ family’ thing? I don’t know…

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In this never ending drama, we call life- Desperate Housewives

I have done watching Desperate Housewives Season 6 yesterday. And this quote is my favourite

” in this never ending drama, we call life…”

My life has been full of drama, once I heard this I loved it.

In here, we have to invest 10% of our monthly making to the retirement scheme . 5% each from employee and employer. There are banks etc to help us and looking the money. And we can choose to put in high risk investment fund or saving them at fixed  interest rate. I chose the high risk one.  Yesterday I tried to manage the money I got there. I sold out 18k HK stock and bought some europe stocks lol. Think to buy in low rate , when they raise again I would make a bit money on that.

I want to max the money I got in retirement saving. And have a nicer retirement tho..

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I had a bit white wine last night and I am having a hangover now… headache heache.. supposed to do some lesson plans today… wish to get rid of it asap…hence save money on buying painkiller ….

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Nice yoga article wanna share with you

I had yoga today, before I cleaned my room.  Teacher supposed was not the one I admire. But ended up it was… So I spent an hour with him during yoga :”> Anyway, even it is not him, I still go for my yoga. I especially like the open hip and chest poses. feeling really amazing after those, feeling stress free and lighter. If you ever had a chance, I suggest you go try a yoga class also.

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Finally cleaned my room… gee


As usually I didn’t follow my scheduled time table to do the cleaning … of excuse was I scalded my hand 1.5 weeks ago during lunch time… I wanted to make myself campbell soup at work. The moron me filled hot water with the can… sure… it was F**K boiling hot… and that was how  I spilled hot water on my hand…. and burnt it.. moron moron..

WEll… Finally I cleaned my room, vacuumed, washed my molded room and bathroom here.. Thank God. As I will be super busy with work this 2 weeks……

How could my bathroom molded? It is extremely humid here….. even paper can be wet just sitting on the table…

Another thing I did was I put away winter clothes and took out summer clothes. And I found one more dress for my Monday dress day 🙂 Now I got 4 dresses… which is enough I bet.

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Got my money back!!

Finally!!  How difficult it was! These couple are really tricky!

And I will save $500 as emergency fund :)Feeling better when I have some back up money.

What is going on with your life? Lately, I am just busy with work… grad ceremony preparation… gonna be really busy month.

I am reading my survival guide-book again, to remind myself to be more positive on things.

This weekend one thing I must do is to clean up my room. So messy and dusty  geeeeee I hate staying in my room now.

As a lady, I am not that lady kind. I don’t dress up myself, I don’t wear heels and go on dates. I don’t put makeup on. I don’t like to tidy up my room. I bear myself in a messs. I don’t know how to flirt. I am over weighted. Hence I have to change myself.

Honestly, what do guys like in a lady? They like to see them dressed sexy and beautiful? They like to see them always smile?  I have no clue at all.

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Sneaky Napalese couple, give me back my money!!!

Who are these sneaky Naples couple? They run the kindergarten I worked for a week 5 months ago but I still havent got paid yet. I have been chasing them everyday now. If today I still couldn’t see the money in my bank account. I definitely  take them to the court by filing them to the labour department.

Gosh, sometimes it is not we want to be racist or what. It is what they do to leave themselves with bad impressions to others. They keep giving me excuses and last Sat I called up, the wife actually said they won’t paid me as they were waiting for me to go back. I have no clue of what was it at all. I said to them don’t wait for me and find someone else after my first week. ( as it is too far from my home and the school is terrible.) Obviously they holding up the money to make me to go back to work as they can’t find any teachers to work there fro many reasons.

I got very mad about this now. I will do anything to get the money back as I need the money!!!!!!!!!!

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