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Budeget Plan for May 2010

I need to look for things to do to make extra 1500 more per month at least… gosh my library late fee is 504.  sigh…

And I have tons of personall care and grocery to buy this month. I have no idea how am I gonna survive just looking at my spread sheet…

Debt payback -6000 -6000
Rent/ Water/ Elec -3300 -3765
Phone bill -300 -300
Med Insurance -490 -489
Accident Insurance -162 -162
Internet bill -139
Yoga -688 -688
Grocery/Food/ Personal Care -421 -700
Transportation -500 -400
Travel Fund -20 0
Clothing -199
Emergency Saving 0 0
Study Fund Saving 0 0
MPF- Retirement Saving -664
Travel to Macau -500
Travel to China & Macau -700
Library fine -504
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