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Ideas of making extra money

My job keeps me so busy and tired. I can’t probably take 2nd job on weekend or week days night. So I am thinking….

1. selling online.. but what to sell? I live close to china.. I supposed to be very easy to resource things… ummm but still no ideas what to sell

2. sell things I have at the moment… I heard a couple who were poor. They sold out what they had to buy a computer. then started selling their households … slowly they get really rich. honestly what can I sell here. I don’t even have a fridge and TV lol

3. providing service? what services I could provid? umm interesting…

4. I keep thinking over and over.. .. let u know once I have another idea …

4. Ok this one came across my mind 1st thing I woke in the morning- making money by filling out surveys. I did one for paypal an earned $25Hkd..

5. creating things selling in Second Life. It is a virtual world. You can do whatever you want. I try to make $30 USD per month there.

6. … thinking.. let me know if you have any ideas

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