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Sneaky Napalese couple, give me back my money!!!

Who are these sneaky Naples couple? They run the kindergarten I worked for a week 5 months ago but I still havent got paid yet. I have been chasing them everyday now. If today I still couldn’t see the money in my bank account. I definitely  take them to the court by filing them to the labour department.

Gosh, sometimes it is not we want to be racist or what. It is what they do to leave themselves with bad impressions to others. They keep giving me excuses and last Sat I called up, the wife actually said they won’t paid me as they were waiting for me to go back. I have no clue of what was it at all. I said to them don’t wait for me and find someone else after my first week. ( as it is too far from my home and the school is terrible.) Obviously they holding up the money to make me to go back to work as they can’t find any teachers to work there fro many reasons.

I got very mad about this now. I will do anything to get the money back as I need the money!!!!!!!!!!

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