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Finally cleaned my room… gee


As usually I didn’t follow my scheduled time table to do the cleaning … of course..my excuse was I scalded my hand 1.5 weeks ago during lunch time… I wanted to make myself campbell soup at work. The moron me filled hot water with the can… sure… it was F**K boiling hot… and that was how  I spilled hot water on my hand…. and burnt it.. moron moron..

WEll… Finally I cleaned my room, vacuumed, washed my molded room and bathroom here.. Thank God. As I will be super busy with work this 2 weeks……

How could my bathroom molded? It is extremely humid here….. even paper can be wet just sitting on the table…

Another thing I did was I put away winter clothes and took out summer clothes. And I found one more dress for my Monday dress day 🙂 Now I got 4 dresses… which is enough I bet.

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