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flu foe foe is haunting me

Oh well.. I have been sick since…. Thursday evening… at first I thought I caught hand foot-mouth… but thank GOD!!! I am not, just flu.. well.. not just flu… this flu is killing me … I feel so weak… slight fever won’t go… don’t want to eat … sigh.. I hope to get better tomorrow as I need to get back to work and my yoga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway this weekend I have spent

Sat: $40- $20 for thermometer and $20 for my fav Siu Mei with rice

Sun:$252.3- $199.7 for supermarket, $17.6 for train, $35 for lunch.   I jsut had a few bites of my lunch… wasted the money  geeee

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Fatty EVIL THING I am addicted to…

This is the most evil thing I am addicted to lately… I just can’t help to not to eat them… I loved this fatty evil too much.. which ruin my ‘ GET SLIM’ plan… geeeeeeeeee

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New plan New move

Sorry it has been a while I haven’t update my blog. Hectic hectic but finally thank GOD it is slowing down  a bit.

I have made a big decision which I need to get some loan for the school fee of my study. I almost paid back the loan from my friend. I didn’t want to make him worried his money. So I decided to get a loan finance help with interests.

So I applied and got 20k loan yesterday in my bank now.

I have been struggling to move home or not. I hated to live in this small room. Although I really hate it here, I have to stay for another year. As I made my two spread sheet for next 12 months this morning, one for ‘ MOVE HOME’ and ” NOT MOVING” I realized If I not moving is better which I could catch up and save more than enough money for the whole year school fee, PLUS I could buy new phone 🙂 And $7500 hkd emergency fund.   So if my landlord allows me to stay for another year which would be better for me.

How are you all doing?

P.s. I just reviewed my plan I made before. I was planning to move in 2011 .. not this year.. lol… so no rush… unless my land lord kick me out

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Started my first Ashtanga class, loving it

Am so sick of eating shit everyday… even my tongue feels shit too…instant noodles… tin food… I guess it has been few weeks or a month I haven’t been having proper FRESH food for lunch at work. Life has been hectic.  Work has been crazy busy… But hopefully would be slow down abit … well at list I hope I don’t have to work after work…. gee I need to really look after myself.

Anyway, I have started my first Ashtanga yoga class On Friday. It was very challenging but I loved it. Many poses I can’t do it yet. But I think I will get there if I keep on practice.

I bought  BETTER microwaves lunch box… think the old ones I got was too cheap and not safe for microwaves all the time. Hence I got a nicer and aim to have fresh food lunch by then…

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Last weekend Spending

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. I am trying to yoga twice a week and doing curriculum planing for this school year. Really very busy… Last night I worked til 10.30 pm. and I am too stressed and waken at 4.30am.. now is 5.16am… geee . Gonna spend my morning with my coffee mug on hang all the time.

Lately I haven’t been eating well. Instant noodles and tin soup all the time. Even my tongue feels ….yiiik now.. I need pick up vegetables or fruit for lunch or something…

OK I said I would do my weekend spending.  Here it is

Spent in HKD

Transportation $60

Ice cream $39

Lunch out $$24+ $17+$35=$136

Snack $24.8

Total $256.9

I spent like crazy last weekend. Gonna starv for the month…

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