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My stay in holiday plan

Ok 10 days day off starting on SAT!!!!!!!!! isn’t it so exiting?!!! I got to plan for my holiday menu now… ummm what shall I do?????

1. cook and eat from home, fresh fruit and vegetable..soup mmmm yummm

2. 4 yoga classes

3. watch movies and more movies at home

4. fancy for KFC bucket still thinking.. but I might get it

5. stay home, sleep in…. relax… more internet… more chatting… just be lazy and save money  😀

6. clean room

7. laundry…

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My world- My Internet WORLD

I mentioned about how rude of the yoga teacher was the other day .. I told myself to forgive.. but somehow whenever I recall it, I still angry and want to pick up the phone to complain. I need to take deep breath and keep telling myself not to… should I? How do u deal with your anger?

Work still has been very busy… but I should thank God that I still have a job. I have amended my ” A Year Budget Plan’ . YES. I failed again on my plan last month. And  Large SUM of the money has spent in nowhere… which means I don’t even know. I am so hopeless right… well it’s not a question to you.. It is how I sentenced myself.

Again, I NEED to WATCH CLOSELY OF MY MONEY AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN….. No more Failure this turn OK !!! I have to promise myself for this.

Anyway, I am starting my study in 2 weeks…. I will not know what my life gonna be like. I bet I wouldn’t be home so  often. Glad I have my smart phone and laptop with me… TO CONNECT MY WORLD. WELL my internet world. I miss it so much  if I know I can’t connect to it…

Forgot to mention that I will be off for 10 days from work.  4 days of it is no pay leave 😦 So much I wanted to travel. But I have no money for that. Hence I am planning to go on next Feb during Chinese New Year. I am gonna book my ticket 2 months ahead for cheaper deal. It will be a JOYFUL thing I am really LOOKING forward to 😀

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I realised I am physically tired from working too much. I felt sick during the hot yoga class. I couldn’t finfish the whole hour and stopped in the half way, resting on the mat. Til the point I couldn’t stand with the heat. I let the teacher know I needed to leave the room. She shouted ‘ You made yourself sick because You drunk too much water’ I didn’t really. Just a few sips only. But I wasn’t well enough to talk back. I was very disappointed with this teacher. I knew she was defence herself.  Anyway. I am learning ‘ forgiveness’ . I wanted to complaint. But I learn to forgive. I really feel better once I THINK and TRY to forgive.

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Ashtanga 1 on FRI night and ready to break!

Thank God that My August Salary will be the same as right now. But I have 5 days unpaid leave. It is ok . I need a break definitely. Life has been hectic. Work has been crazy busy! I started to accept that I need to carry work back home almost every day.  Sometimes, accept the fact is better than fight with he fact. Things are not going to change dramatically with the same principle right now. I can choose to stay and work there or find another job. But the best is to stay there right now. As pay is better than others and close to home … save money and time to travel. This is the main and only reason I stay to work there now.

Anyway, I off to work on more then go to bed in 30 mins. AND the big thing to me is Ashtanga 1 on FRI evening!!!!!! READY TO BREAK!!!!

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never ending drama

It has been a very busy week weeks and weeks… I am looking forward to August holiday. I CAN”T stand for too busy days and life like now . Not sure how am I going to survive in the next year with this job.

What worry me now is… I might don’t get pay in August. My budget plan has been ruined and would be disaster if it really came true. damn…

Anyway, I am starting my degreee study in end of August. I wonder how am I going to manage my life super busy job and study and yoga. I can’t give up yoga!!

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yes pay and no pay

Loving my HTC Desire.. it is just too good.  love it love it love it kissskissskisss

Good news! I got pay raise! $720 more per month… starting from September.

Bad news!! They gave me option 1. take holiday from 1st- 9th Aust and my annual pay leave is just for 4 days… means…. Have 5 days no pay leave… geee…  or …. 15 days holiday and back to work on 16th … I don’t really know what to do..

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Got new phone – HTC Desire

Well, I been keep telling myself i do need a smart phone… for many REASONSssssss … actually excuses… you may say..

So my main reason is  i alway from internet / laptop for very long day… I do really miss my internet world… with heaps of information, entertainment…. friends… bloggersss… I was really sad that I couldn’t connect to MY WORLD… You may say I have those kind of internet . computer or whatever disorder.. but IT enrich my life and mind… so is y soul , I almost could say that… Anyway I have bought that phone and am really happy about it LOL. How hopeless is this lady geee

Well work still very busy.. busy .. busy… non stop work to do… couldnt really have a min to breath.I haven’t been to yoga for 2 weeks. I gonna go back on Fri, only one class this week as work is still busy… 😦

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