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He is back in touch after a meltdown

About a year ago, summer, I advertised on gumtree to look for a bf. And I got him. He was in H.K. We didn’t meet up at last, but we started chatting over emails and facebook after that. We chatted and chatted, the feeling grows..  after a few months, since he has to deal with his sick brother so…. and having a meltdown in his life.. he disappeared for 6 months.. at the same time I had problems with my life here also.. But good news is he has been back in touch since 2 weeks ago 🙂  Well, lets see how this would work out then… I mean.. I haven’t seen him on cam… in person.. and I haven’t seen many of his pics yet. I still reserve a little till I totally believe he could be the potential one but not another pervert online, you know what I mean?

On the other side, end of the school term, super busy with my work. I want to do my tasks perfect and be golden apple in my roaring boss’s eyes. Hence, I am completely myself in my work.. sorry for not blogging more often.

Financially, I am trying to stick on my ‘  A Year Budget Plan’ to achieve my goals of this year. I realised I have a few ‘ gears’ to buy to my work .. for example… DRESSES!!! LOL  again… Sigh I am really not very girly kind… But I need few more indeed … geeeeeeee

Anyway, loan paid  back to my friend $6000 yesterday… 🙂


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