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My world- My Internet WORLD

I mentioned about how rude of the yoga teacher was the other day .. I told myself to forgive.. but somehow whenever I recall it, I still angry and want to pick up the phone to complain. I need to take deep breath and keep telling myself not to… should I? How do u deal with your anger?

Work still has been very busy… but I should thank God that I still have a job. I have amended my ” A Year Budget Plan’ . YES. I failed again on my plan last month. And  Large SUM of the money has spent in nowhere… which means I don’t even know. I am so hopeless right… well it’s not a question to you.. It is how I sentenced myself.

Again, I NEED to WATCH CLOSELY OF MY MONEY AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN….. No more Failure this turn OK !!! I have to promise myself for this.

Anyway, I am starting my study in 2 weeks…. I will not know what my life gonna be like. I bet I wouldn’t be home so  often. Glad I have my smart phone and laptop with me… TO CONNECT MY WORLD. WELL my internet world. I miss it so much  if I know I can’t connect to it…

Forgot to mention that I will be off for 10 days from work.  4 days of it is no pay leave 😦 So much I wanted to travel. But I have no money for that. Hence I am planning to go on next Feb during Chinese New Year. I am gonna book my ticket 2 months ahead for cheaper deal. It will be a JOYFUL thing I am really LOOKING forward to 😀

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  1. 444
    July 27, 2010 at 7:00 am

    I understand the feeling of wanting to call and complain. But don’t do it. They will only think of you as the “crazy lady.” I would be angry, too, but remember that the yoga teacher just wants to feel smart (maybe because she isn’t very smart??) Act like her comment meant nothing to you. That is how you win.

  2. livemylifebetter
    July 28, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    you are right 444. i wouldnt call… even i really want too…. grrrr

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