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A New Start and it is never too late!

Starting today, well it is 6.30a.m.  on 23 August 2010 here, from today, I am into a very busy period in my life. Work ( 10-12 hrs per day), going to evening school 2 nights a week, yoga, 1 week day evening and on weekend. PLUS, I am chatting with a potential guy who is from UK online, we kind of fall in love. But I don’t know if he is serious or just a player. I decided to take it slow and see how it goes.

People keep telling me to I have to manage my time well as study is not going to be easy when I have a super busy FULL time job now. It is true tho. I will have so much to learn in my life now.. It is a bit late but it is definitely something I can do to change my life. SO I tell myself , it is never too late 🙂

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My $1080 Budget Challenge Updates

3/8  $0

4/8  $99 ( KFC Bucket)

5/8  $0

6/8  $116.3 ( supermarket 89.1, magazine 15, drink5.2, vegetable7)

7/8  $100.9 ( supermarket)

8/8  $0

LEFT $763.89

I bought a bag of rice, bread, noodles from supermarket .. gonna cook my meals on weekend and night time. Hence I did spend some money on those stuff. Hopefully I willbe able to make it.

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Disappointed with yoga teachers…

I have paid back all the load from my dear friend. $30000. Well, it wasn’t easy at all. I have had hard time on it. But think on the bright side, 5 months, I can pay $30000 ($3840USD). Why Can’t I save more per month in the future? I started to watch out every penny I spend now with the mobile apps, which help me alot for this really.

Feeling a little bit down lately, I am not very motivated to go for yoga since that happened. But think in positive way, visualize the future, the benefit I got from yoga, I should keep going with no doubt and be happy. Anyway I pay for my classes, I shouldn’t be treated badly. I am very disappointed with some yoga teachers being very rude and below standard with their attitude. Some of them really can do the poses but still evil or bitch under their skin, really.

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30 days $1080 ($138USD) Budget CHALLENG!!!

Oh  well, I am not getting paid for a week day off this month, hence I need to save up for the next month.

So, I limit my budget to live the rest of this month. I think I gonna make it 🙂

here is the plan

It is a very tight budget plan. But I have to make it happen. And it going to be very healthy month as well as I am going to eat alot of fresh vegetable and fruit and no sugary drinks and instant noodles. It is also my keep fit plan  🙂

I found apps to download on my phone, Which I can record my spending daily, very handy. I will be able to update my daily spending soon

I still planing for have a bucket of KFC for my day off week.  lovely….. sorry this bit not healthy.

Forgot to mention that… day off is all I needed. I can’t believe that I could sleep alot!!!!! i meant like 11pm to 8am!!! unbelievable!!! I guess I need to learn to ‘ let go’ things… once I am in bed and sleep!!!

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