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30 days $1080 ($138USD) Budget CHALLENG!!!

Oh  well, I am not getting paid for a week day off this month, hence I need to save up for the next month.

So, I limit my budget to live the rest of this month. I think I gonna make it 🙂

here is the plan

It is a very tight budget plan. But I have to make it happen. And it going to be very healthy month as well as I am going to eat alot of fresh vegetable and fruit and no sugary drinks and instant noodles. It is also my keep fit plan  🙂

I found apps to download on my phone, Which I can record my spending daily, very handy. I will be able to update my daily spending soon

I still planing for have a bucket of KFC for my day off week.  lovely….. sorry this bit not healthy.

Forgot to mention that… day off is all I needed. I can’t believe that I could sleep alot!!!!! i meant like 11pm to 8am!!! unbelievable!!! I guess I need to learn to ‘ let go’ things… once I am in bed and sleep!!!

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