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Being healthy is wealthy

Well, it  is time to start working on my assignments, which are due in a month 😦  I realized it is really hard to having both study and super busy full-time work. It seems impossible for me to survive with both things together. But again, I have to remind myself WHY I AM DOING THESE!!!!! Then I have to shut up and do my best.

Today is holiday here, well, it is time off for me to catch up my work and start doing assignments then.

I miss yoga. Haven’t been to classes for a while. I supposed to go today. But the FK flu still haunting me and I gotta stay home for good. I realised HEALTH is really important. Maybe I am getting old and I started to understand HEALTH is actually your wealth. NO health, money isn’t a thing to you. As you spend them all of medication and YOU don’t feel well enough to enjoy life. What is the point of being rich them.

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