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Crazy weeks I had

I was crazily busy with my assignments and finally it is all over now. PHew Thank GOD !! I could be rest a bit and prepare for the exams in a month.

I blame myself of having poor time management. Actually both in money and timing :/next semester I will have to start doing my assignment a month ago before the due dates. If not I would be repeat the same things .. not sleeping… working and doing assignments. I went to bed at 10 pm and wake at 12.30 am… or 2.30…. that was crazy!!! I can’t let it happen again. Plus I don’t even have the time to check or do my assignment better 😦

I read this morning. want to share with u guys- Debt Busters

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Happy Wednesday Again

What are your  3 HAPPY THINGS ?

Mine are mm…

1. I lost 1 kg from not intake carb and remaining high protein diet. I start to feel a bit weak.. mmmm not much strength kind. I guess  I need to eat more lean meat tho.Anyway I have seen my recently picture took by workmates.. I am terribly fat in those…

2.  Got a call from Dave. He is going to take a week holiday. So I can concentrate on my assignment this weekend.

3. There are few kids in classes they really cute and I love them so much 🙂

Enjoying my school life

I start to enjoy my school life now. We talk and joke when we see.. pretty supportive and nice of them. My mind-set is changing now as I can see the school can be my second home now. Well I have that thought for a while. I remember the 1st day I walked into the classroom, I felt like ‘ Oh My God! How am I going to survive in these few years. But now my feeling and mind have been changing. I started to and learnt to love my school life now, which is a good sign!

Am definately going for yoga in a 15 mins! I force myself to go, I told myself must go.


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Finally I lost almost 1 kg

Now is 60.5kg 🙂   sticking on my new high protein diet Hopefully will lose more in next week… I can’t weight

I start feeling a bit weak, easy to feel it when I walk up stairs.. but I should be ok as I eat enough meat and vegetable, I don’t just high fat food, mainly just lean beef and tuna , plus fruit and salad. I have small bowl of macaroni and slice of toast in the morning as well.. I just took a test on facebook. It says my ideal weight is 52.2kg. Still have 11 kgs to lose.. I have to make it happen!!! Going to yoga today!

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3 Happy Things to tell on Every Wednesday

October 6, 2010 1 comment

OK… I think I like to keep it going… to try to make myself feel better in the middle of the week… especially working for the psycho boss.. OK here we go

1. I am quite Happy on Sunday I met Dave and shared good times.. He shared the story of the book he is reading  I don’t know what if he wasn’t around anymore.. who would tell me stories… You know it saves my time from reading such THICK BOOKS

2. I am ok for not intake rice or noodles for few days already. Hopefully I have lost some weights… will find out next morning

3. Weather is changing , it is fall here finally…

Wanna share your 3 happy things of the week also?

I am bad Bad BAD

MY progress is really slow and I am not loving  it… here is my TO DO LIST 2 weeks ago.. updates

1. get the lesson plans and study done by Monday

2. Yoga on Tue evening

3. Find the book I need for study

4. Go to evening class on Wed

5. Finish the observation forms by Thu

6. Yoga on Fri

7. Go to BU library on Sat afternoon

8. Go out to meet a guy on weekend ( I don’t know who to meet yet LOL)

Now you know why I am not loving it… I do have some excuses … 1. the flu still haunting me.. and I can blame my psycho boss not let me have the air con …the room is heated.  2. I am still not feeling well…  3. I have headache … WELL WELL WELL … still not reasons not to keep things going… I am bad Iadmit it…. geeeee

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Lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

Hey I found this meal plan this morning … thinking to try it….really tempting..  I do really want to lose 25 pounds actually. For asian, 61 kg for 5’3 lady is over weight… so ………… lately I am really crazy about losing weights.  Even though I haven’t seen it is going down yet…… geeeeeeeeeee

Anyway, I am still on no carbon and high protein plan. I know I am lack of calcium as I am lactose intolerance. I went 7 train stops away supermarket to buy those lactose and gluten-free soy milk, surprised me those not expensive and can store for long time without opening, just about $2 USD each Liter.. had a lovely morning being lost in the supermarket 🙂

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