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Being a procastinator…

I am 100%  of procastinator, very well made one. I always think I am able to catch deadline on the last mins. Of course I failed… hence I have this blog…But I am still trying to fight with this evil thing in my blood. ..

Anyway, I am still on my diet. I am not losing more weights att he moment, still 60KG… grrr.. But I am doing yoga twice a week and trying to stick on to that.

WORK….I don’t think I have good news about work. But I am struggling to resign or not… very tough decision to be made. Lot to worry and worry and worry…at the moment I am pretty sick of this job, with the people there and of course the boss. I am partnered with a brainless teacher. She would NEVER THINK… She is kinda of stupid and brainless. Lazy as well… she wouldn’t do a thing for the classroom… if she is not told to do so….  Do you work with such people too? I am worn out …


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